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I am so grateful to have so many thoughtful reviews from my wonderful clients over the years. In the interest of space, I can't post them all here, but you are welcome to click on the underlined links to the review websites and view all the reviews that are online.

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3/29/18  5 stars

I took Jen's couples massage class and have also gotten massages from her and she is the absolute best!! As for the class it was fun and relaxing and she really made it easy to understand and the massage was pure bliss!! She made me feel so comfortable and cozy and gives her costumers great service too. She's booked weeks throughout but it's so worth the wait!! She's absolutely amazing! Jen the gem!! - Christina B. Manhattan, NY

3/8/2017  5 stars

I had the most wonderful massage with Jen yesterday. Her technique alleviated many issues I was having with back & neck. Plus the use of the heated Himalayan Salt hearts with the massage left my entire skin feeling soft and rejuvenated (I have severe dry skin). I slept better than I have in months and awoke refreshed this morning. As a Holistic Health Professional I am choosy as to who I have work on myself, and Jen's professionalism, persona, and intuitive touch impressed me. I knew I'd enjoy the experience, however I did not realize how much I'd enjoy Jen's work. I have already recommended her to several people and will continue to do so. - Lynne H. Southwick, MA

2/2/2015  5 stars ​I rarely give five star reviews (on here or even other sites). However, in this case I felt it was warranted. Intuitive touch is my go to for massage therapy. I am very body shy and get nervous if I am not completely covered with a hoodie or something equally as large. Jen is very courteous and respectful, and I always feel comfortable with her. This is a huge thing for someone like me, who has walked out of other massage places because I was too nervous to disrobe (just had to kiss that money goodbye). If you have a problem area you would like to work on, Jen will focus on that. If you just want a general massage to work out some tension and relieve stress, Jen is good at that too. She has even given me a plan for working on certain stretches and techniques at home. I never leave Intuitive Touch without feeling better than when I walked in. I came in once because my lower back was really bothering me. When I left my neck as well as my lower back felt much better. I didn't even know I was tense in my neck area until Jen was done and I was moving around and realized how much better I felt, as well as the increased range of motion. It was great, and made me a full believer in Jen's technique and abilities. -D.G. Windsor, CT

11/28/2013  5 stars I am a licensed massage therapist in CT and Jen is who I see when it's time for me to get a massage. I had initially seen Jen for some specific deep massage work from a long standing injury following a car accident. I would regularly sleep with one arm above my head and wake up completely unable to move it without extreme pain. It would take me 10 minutes every morning to lower my arm again. Jen gives an incredible massage.  Her attention to what you are looking to have focused on, be it deep, focused work or relaxation in general is on point and she works with you to maximize what you get from your session. If I need to give a recommendation to anyone for another therapist, I recommend Jen. - Dan B. Windsor, CT

10/22/2013  5 stars I have been a customer of Jen's for years. When I heard she was out on her own I searched her out and found Intuitive Touch Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork LLC. She always provides a great massage, relaxing environment, and overall pleasant experience. Scheduling online is easy, so check it out for yourself and book an appointment today. - John S. Manchester, CT

10/13/2013  5 stars  

I wish there were 6 stars to give to Jen as 5 did not seem adequate.  As the other reviewers indicated, she is very intuitive with her massages and ensures you get the full benefit. She will even suggest additional steps (i.e. Yoga poses. Stretching)  you can take to ensure you continue to feel great. With the ever increasing busy lives and trying to balance work and family, Intuitive Touch Massages truly help ease the stress and tension. - Jhenn V. Windsor, CT  

10/5/2013  5 stars  

I travel one hour to get a massage from Jen.   I have been going to Jen for many years.  One of the best things about Jen is her ability to find the spots that need attention and to work those areas so that 5 days later you are still feeling great!  You don't know what you are missing by not going to Jen for a massage.  You will never regret it! - Delores B. Willington, CT

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5 stars  I work a physically demanding job and I needed help to keep my body in correct working order. The massage therapist here at intuitive touch is very professional, knowledgeable and thorough. Every time I leave her table I have more energy and feel my back straightening up. Overall it is a good healthy experience and I would highly recommend her to anyone who is thinking about getting a massage here. Kurt Hemme

5 stars  Jennifer is truly a gifted intuitive masseuse with a healing touch. Don't miss her, except if it's my turn to get a massage!  - Scott McRae 

5 stars   ​​Jen's touch truly seems intuitive. Her practiced hands zero in on stress points and give them special attention without ignoring the rest. She varies technique each time so no session seems a repeat; she has and uses a variety of tools to aid in relaxation and healing (hot stones, heat packs, etc.). I am pleased that she offers longer sessions (90 and 120 minutes), as I frequently need LOTS of work. I also appreciate that she has made booking appointments very easy online and that there are automatic email and text reminders. (As if I would ever forget an upcoming session!) Finally, she always ends the session by discussing what she found and provides "homework" - strategies I can use easily at home to relax and relieve my back pain. My wife and I have been Jen's clients for several years now, following her as she's stepped out on her own to build Intuitive Touch. Her location is convenient to the highway and her space is welcoming - just as she is - and comfortable. Her rates are competitive and given her skill, she provides the best massage value I've found. I'm hoping to be client for a long time to come. - Michael Volpe 

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Jan 21, 2017 5 stars  Best massage I've ever received. Jen was professional and very accommodating. The office and massage room was spotless and inviting. I enjoyed every minute of my massage and highly recommend her.  Michelle Blachuta

April 19, 2017   Exceptional service. A cocktail of professionalism, courteous service, sensitive approach, unparalleled expertise and high standards without the corporate feel. You're treated like a human being and dare I say family. Loved it. Took my mum; she won't stop raving about it. You'll feel so good after your visit.   Paul Boakye-Dattey

Feb 23, 2015  5 stars   I was having bad neck pain from a fender bender, plus normal pregnancy pains. My husband called on a Saturday afternoon to try and schedule me a massage and we received a call back in less than a half hour, and she got me in that evening! I got the prenatal massage which helped relax my body, plus she gave extra attention to my neck and relieved a lot of the stiffness there. I highly recommend this business and will go there again for future massage needs.  Olivia Ugolik